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A smile is one of our greatest personal assets. It expresses who we are
and how we feel about ourselves. A smile is a reflection of happiness and
good health. Yet many people avoid smiling because they are concerned
about the condition of their teeth. Many times, we underestimate the value
of investing in improving our smile.
Over the past few years, innovation in dentistry has advanced treatment
options considerably. New technology helps diagnose problems earlier.
This allows dentists like me to treat problems with “kinder and gentler”
Our new instrument, called CEREC 3D, allows me to complete a
ceramic tooth restoration in one visit instead of two, saving you time and
inconvenience. This technology uses tooth-colored material, so your smile
won’t be discolored by silver-colored fillings. For more information
on this new technology please visit our office .
If you are not seeing a dentist currently or would like to try a dentist
practicing “kinder and gentler” dentistry, please call my office, I would be
happy to show you the difference. Dental innovation can make on one of
your greatest personal assets, your smile. If you have any questions, or
would like to
schedule an introductory visit, please give me a call at
209 723 5005 - or 209 381 2005